From a simple smile to a soft wave hello, tiny acts of kindness can fly to faraway places . . . then flutter right back into your arms. Tiny Acts of Kindness is a heartwarming tale about the magical powers of kindness.

Through poetic verses and dreamy illustrations, the book takes you on the journey of one small act of kindness as it travels, grows, and spreads—becoming much more than one could ever imagine. Tiny Acts of Kindness celebrates the small acts of love that light up the world.

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When my children were born, my only wish was for them to grow up to see the brightest world possible. I believe in my heart that acts of kindness are the seeds from which a more loving world can emerge. To me, kindness is a choice made out of pure love and nothing else. It’s the intention to always stay in the light no matter what goes on around you. It’s choosing love over fear.

With Tiny Acts of Kindness, I want to emphasize how kindness can be found in the tiny things we do. When we smile at someone or give a heartfelt “thank you,” the impact of these gestures go far beyond what our minds can dream of. I believe that these tiny acts have wings and can travel far and wide to touch the lives of many others. And with every small act, the world will shine just a bit brighter . . . and then a bit brighter . . . until one day, we will see a changed world, full of love and light.

Kindness has magical powers, you see.
It connects hearts to hearts.
It connects you to me . .

ABOUT the author

Thuy Ha wears many creative hats: illustrator, author, designer, and maker of artful paper goods. But above all, she’s a mom of two adorable little ones—so she wants to create is a world where small things matter and kindness rules. She believes that magic exists and anything is possible (especially if you believe in magic!).

Born in Vietnam and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Thuy studied design at San Jose State University. She started her first business, Ha Design Studio, in 2006—a branding and web design studio that has served hundreds of local businesses. She is also the owner of Tiny Acts Studio, a collection of artful products that uplift and empower through heartfelt messages. Thuy lives in sunny Saratoga, CA with her husband and two children who inspire her everyday.

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“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” — AESOP

Wherever it flies and however it flutters, Kindness comes back one way or another.