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Author Thuy Ha of Tiny Acts of Kindness

It has been over a month since the release of my book, Tiny Acts of Kindness. This entire journey has enriched my life in more ways than I can count. Tiny Acts of Kindness is now in the world! I imagine the book being read to children in that tender moment right before they drift off to dreamland. I envision chubby toddler fingers pawing at the pages, leaving greasy marks and endearing creases. I smile at the mind-boggling fact that the book is sitting on hundreds of nightstands across the country and several copies have travelled across oceans.

With all the wonder and joy that comes with being a new author, there are several amazing outcomes that I never would have expected. To me, these are the hidden gems of being an author and the heart of why I do what I do. Here are my three wonderfully unexpected insights that came from being a new author.

The book is a platform

Being a published author has given me a platform to speak about the important matters of my heart. Anytime I’m speaking about the book—whether it’s at an event or in casual conversations—I now have a reason to talk about kindness, following your dreams, self-care, the importance of small moments, and a myriad of other topics that are meaningful to me. The book has been a vehicle to go beyond the dreaded small talk and deeper into soulful subject matters. It has given me an opportunity to be more of my authentic self. More than just a book, Tiny Acts of Kindness is a platform on which I can stand and shine as my true self.

I’ve inspired others to embark on their creative journeys

Since I wrote the book, I’ve heard phrases that begin with “You have inspired me to…” many times. Whether that phrase ends with “…write a book, start a blog, or go back to creating art”, it’s all the same to me. What I hear from these people is that they had a dream that was tucked away for a while and when they saw that I allowed myself to realize one of my tiny dreams, it sparked something in them. I know this effect all too well because Tiny Acts of Kindness stands on the shoulders of many creative projects from countless brilliant spirits who dared to dream. My book was just a creative spark until I was inspired to bring it to form after seeing other people’s glorious finished projects. I’m grateful and humbled to be a link in the never-ending chain of creative projects that have been birthed into the world by people who decided that suppressing their creative urge is more painful than honoring it.

Children think I’m a rockstar

Fact: if your name and face matches the one on the “About The Author” page, you’re an instant rockstar in the eyes of some little ones! When children find out that I’m the author of the book I just read to them, they instantly gravitate to me in awe and with adorable curiosity. They proceed to ask me the best questions. The questions are usually not about the book and more about the process of writing it: how long it took to create the book, how I illustrated the pictures, or what the next book will be. I can’t say for sure what it is about meeting an author that makes their eyes widen, but I think it has something to do with how special books are to these children. Books are such a huge part of children’s lives. They’ve been exposed to books since many of them were in their cribs, seeing colorful pictures and hearing words read out loud by a loving voice. Books are everywhere as soon as they’re in school. Books make them laugh, imagine, and feel emotions. Perhaps they haven’t given much thought to how books are created until meeting an actual creator. This sparks their curiosity and they want to know all about it, all about me. As I’m being showered with cuteness, I’m secretly hoping that there’s a seed of a future author or illustrator growing amongst them.

I know there will be many more delightful surprises and insights along the way. This is what the creative journey is all about, after all. As always, I’m grateful for the unimaginable support from those close to me and those whom I’ve never met. Thank you for welcoming Tiny Acts of Kindness into your lives.

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