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The Whole Staircase

I was talking to a colleague not too long ago and she told me that she wanted to start a purpose-driven business but didn’t know what to pursue. She had some ideas but not enough clarity to actually go for it. In our conversation, she mentioned that she was afraid of going down the wrong path. I’ve heard this story many times before. I’ve heard it from other people who were in lackluster careers and wanting to make a change but were afraid of chasing the wrong goals. They only saw one step and were afraid to take it, not knowing where it would lead.

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Follow What Lights You Up

I was never one with a strong creative passion. I would hear others say that they’ve always known what they wanted to do since they can remember. If they love music, for instance, the very moment they picked up their first guitar was when they just knew, KNEW that they’d be a musician one day. They would play every chance they had; all day, late at night, and haven’t stopped since. You hear these stories a lot and for people like me who didn’t find their “thing” at a young age, it could be disheartening. But I think that we all had things we loved as kids.

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What Motherhood Means to Me

I became a mom 5 years ago and words will never be able to describe this incredible gift we call motherhood. But since words are all I have, I will attempt to describe what motherhood has meant to me these past years.

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