Believe in Magic

This might be one of my favorite quotes of all time. As a mom, I get to see the world through the glittering eyes of two little ones. Their innocence and unwavering belief in magic amazes me every day. I must confess…they have converted me, as I’m now a firm believer in magic.

It makes me wonder, when we believe in something—like truly believe with our minds and our hearts—what keeps it from being real? And if we’re able to hold this type of unshakeable faith, does it determine our reality? Does it determine what we do and how we act? Does it determine how much joy we feel? In watching my kids, I think the answer is yes.

Like many parents, I was hesitant about introducing Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy to my children. Do I carry out these time-honored traditions or would it be a form of lying to them? Would it break their little hearts to know that it was their parents who snuck presents under the tree and took bites out of the cookies they left out on Christmas Eve? Would it crush their belief in any form of magic and goodness in the world? I struggled with these thoughts for a while, but then I had an insight: I don’t know for sure that Santa and fairies are only make-believe. While there might not be a man who lives in the North Pole making toys with elves and riding on a reindeer-powered sleigh, I do believe that there could be a benevolent spirit who loves, protects and guides children. And almost every culture in the world tells stories of mythical winged creatures. How can we say for sure that fairies do not exist? So when the time comes, I will admit to them that yes, it was Mommy and Daddy who gave you the gifts and snuck money under your pillows, but it was only because we wanted to carry out the jobs of the magical beings who are not able to do these things on Earth. I will tell them that magic can never be known with our minds or seen with our eyes, but it is definitely felt. And those with open hearts feel it more. I will not tell them that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy do not exist because I don’t know for sure. After all, there’s a small part in me that believes they might exist, perhaps in another realm along with unicorns, dragons, and singing mermaids. Life is just so much more enchanting when we believe.

As the days slowly become shorter and the magic of the holidays will soon be upon us, I hope we can all take time to savor the magic of small moments. I look forward to the smell after the first rain, the early morning frost on my window, the leaves bursting with color, and the warmth of a crackling fireplace. These moments are full of magic. This, I know for sure.

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