In 2013, I created a Tiny Acts of Kindness calendar to send to family and friends as holiday gifts. The calendars were an expression of my belief that the tiniest things, when done out of love, could lead to huge changes. That very first calendar sparked an idea that grew to become Tiny Acts Studio, a collection of artful products that uplifts and empowers with heartfelt messages.

At the heart of Tiny Acts is the belief that all of us have innate qualities of kindness, imagination, adventure, and joy that should be nurtured. As a mother of two little ones, I get to witness first-hand, the magic of childhood in small, everyday moments. Whether we’re gazing in wonder at the vast night sky or make believing that we’re brave explorers in a wild jungle, these precious moments serve as inspiration for my work.

It is my wish that our products will encourage both children and adults to find joy, magic, and wonder in tiny, everyday moments.

With love,

-Thuy Ha