Month: May 2018

Why Does the World Need Kindness?

I was sitting in the yard with Maddy one afternoon when she stood in front of me, poised as can be, and asked, “Why does the world need kindness?” I was struck by this, feeling proud that my little five-year-old is asking such a profound question and a bit blindsided because I didn’t already have the answer in my back pocket. Five-year-olds can do this to you.

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What Motherhood Means to Me

I became a mom 5 years ago and words will never be able to describe this incredible gift we call motherhood. But since words are all I have, I will attempt to describe what motherhood has meant to me these past years.

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A “Tiny” Book Project

Years ago, I was approached by an editor from a well-known publishing house. She had seen the Tiny Acts of Kindness calendars and wanted to see if I could turn the concept into a book. When I received her email, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had never given any serious thought to writing a book before that. Me? An author? An illustrator? It was never even a thought. Not before that email at least.

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